Pabst Blue Ribbon 4
Manny’s Pale Ale 6
Hale’s El Jefe Hefeveizen 6
Silver City Panther Lake Porter 6.5
Twelve Bar Brews Harmonic ESB 6.5
Bridgeport Kingping Red Ale 6.5
Boneyard RPM IPA 6.5
Guinness (20 oz Imperial Pint) 7
Seattle Cider Co. Dry Hard Cider 6.5
Atlas Blackberry Cider 7.5
Rotating Cider varies
Rotating Tap varies


Hogue Cellars Chardonnay (WA) 6.5/24
Hogue Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon (WA) 6.5/24
Roosevelt Red (Seattle) – 100% Merlot from Red Willow Vineyard here in WA. This red is soft and full – a perfect table wine. 32
Ravenna White (Seattle) – A blend of 95% Pinot Gris grown in Dayton, Oregon, and 5% Viognier from Red Willow Vinery in the Yakima Valley. This wine is fresh, fruity, and a perfect wine to sip anytime. 32

Bottles & Cans

Pike Naughty Nellie 4.5
Trumer Pilsner 4.5
La Fin du Monde 8.5
Sam Smith Oatmeal Stout 6.5
Old Rasputin Imperial Stout 7.5
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 4
Old Chub Scottish Ale 4
Session Stubby 3
Amstel Light 4
Miller Lite 3
Rainier Tallboy (16oz) 4
Montucky Cold Snack (16oz) 4
Hamm’s Can 2
Buckler (non-alcoholic) 4
Lagunitas IPA 5
Ninkasi Dawn of the Red 5.5
Angry Orchard Ginger Apple Cider 5.5
Spire Mountain Cider 4.5
Seattle Cider Co. Semi-Sweet (16oz) 6.5
Aspall Very Dry Cider (750ml) 11
Aspall Medium Dry Cider (750ml) 11

About Roosevelt’s Eight Bells Winery: We love our neighbors at Eight Bells Winery and we love their wine. It’s made here in Roosevelt from grapes grown in the northwest. Try a bottle tonight (you can even take it home with you) – you won’t be disappointed.

Non Alcoholic Drinks

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Iced Tea 2.5
San Pellegrino Limonata, Aranciata, Mineral Water 3
Thomas Kemper Root Beer or Henry’s Orange Soda 4
Numi Organic Tea 2.5
Coffee 2.5

House Cocktails – $11

  • Pear Drop - Absolute Pear Vodka, fresh-squeezed lemon and our house-made simple syrup. Chilled, shaken and served up with a twist and a sugared rim.
  • Chocolate Martini - Stoli Vanilla, Dark Crème de Cacao and Bailey’s Irish cream. Shaken and served up in a chocolate drizzled glass.
  • Suffering Bastard – Bourbon, Gin, fresh squeezed lime juice, and a dash of bitters topped with ginger-ale and served on the rocks in a pint glass. Great for self-loathing and self-confidence.
  • Old Irish Cure - Jameson Irish Whiskey, house-made ginger syrup, lemon and honey. Shaken and served up like a martini, or hot like a toddy.
  • Hazelnut Manhattan - A traditional Manhattan made with your choice of Bulleit rye or bourbon, a touch Frangelico and a splash of chocolate bitters. Shaken and served up with a cherry.
  • The Coffee Drink - Bourbon, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Dark Crème de Cacao, Frangelico and Caffè Vita coffee. Topped with whipped cream.
  • Ginger Apple Sparkle - Citrus Vodka and Sour Apple Liquor, shaken with apple juice and topped with ginger ale. Served on the rocks.
  • Jack Swizzle – Jack Daniels Bourbon, apricot brandy and fresh-squeezed lemon. Chilled, shaken and served on the rocks then topped with ginger ale.

Liquors – 1.5oz pours

Burbon, Blend & Rye

Jim Beam 6
Jack Daniels 7
Maker’s Mark 7
Bulleit Burbon 8
Elijah Craig 12yr 8
Eagle Rare 8.5
Buffalo Trace 8.5
Woodford Reserve 8.5
Blanton’s 12
Seagram’s Seven 6
Jack Daniel’s Fire 7.5
Fireball 7.5
Crown Royal 8
Bulleit Rye 7.5
Woodinville Rye (Local) 8

Irish Whiskey

Tullamore Dew 7
Jameson 7
Bushmills 7.5
Tullamore Dew 10 year 10


Dewar’s White Label 8
Glenfiddich 12yr 10
Macallan 12yr 10
Monkey Shoulder 11
Glenivet 14yr 11
Balvenie Double Wood 12yr 13
Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14yr 15


Svedka 6.5
Svedka Vanilla 6.5
Svedka Raspberry 6.5
Svedka Clementine 6.5
Svedka Citron 6.5
Finlandia Grapefruit 7.5
Absolut Pear 7.5
360° Huckleberry 7.5
Grey Goose 8.5
Tito’s Handmade 8.5
Worker’s #9 (Local) 9.5


Tanqueray 7
Bombay Sapphire 7.5
Henderick’s Gin 8.5
Oola Gin (Local) 8.5
Big Gin (Local) 10


Cazadores Reposado 8.5
Hornitos Reposado 7.5
Milagro Reposado 12
Casa Noble Silver 12


Kraken 7
Sailor Jerry 7.5
Don Q Coconut Rum 6.5
Meyers Dark Rum 6.5
Bacardi 151 8